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In the consumer electronics (ICT) arena, HTA provides packaging design and manufacturing services to world-renowned brands such as smartphones, tablet Pads, PCs & Notebooks, game consoles, smart wearables, smart homes, automotive electronics, drones and printing devices. It has basically achieved the full coverage of customers in the global consumer electronics industry, especially in mobile phone accessories and audio equipment. We have a strong project team that can quickly respond to customer needs and provide customers with integrated packaging solutions. At the same time, we have an automated production system and a strong supply chain system to meet the rapid supply of consumer electronics.

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HTA redefines your Out-of-Box experience for your consumer. We focus on designing packages and providing supply chain solutions with the best creative talent and quality manufacturing management.

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  • Vanke Spark Online, Room 201, 7th Bld, 2 Wuhe South Road Bantian Street, Longgang District Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

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